Nightmare Feddy

Few weekends ago I attended PalmCon, a comic book convention in West Palm Beach. Had a lot of fun, and of course I bought a lot of dumb shit.

There was one booth in particular that gave me some solid deals. If I remember correctly it was Wicked Toys & Collectibles, so hey, big shout out to you guys. What sort of deals, you ask? Well, I got a mint-in-box Monster Force Creature of the Black Lagoon figure and a copy of Super Mario All-Stars for $15 each (usually, these go for about $20-30).

So those are some pretty good scores. However, they can’t hold a candle to this:


Yes. Soak it in.

Nightmare Feddy. Nightmare. Feddy. It’s beautiful.

Bootleg figures have long been a source of much hilarity on the internet, with failures like Sader and RobertCop becoming downright memetic over the years. Unfortunately, these more notable bootlegs are often hard to find, sometimes even rarer than the licensed toys they emulate.

Nightmare Feddy, while perhaps not as hilarious as some other bootlegs, is one I had seen floating about the web from time to time. So when I saw him, I knew I had to have him. On the rare occasions they do pop up, they tend to go for about $40-80. I got him for $30, so again, props to Wicked Toys & Collectibles.


The box art is great. Though it definitely leaves no mystery as to who it’s ripping off, the art actually looks less like Freddy than the toy does. Actually, judging from that shirt, I can only assume that Calvin & Hobbes ended on a really weird note.

I had to debate whether or not to take him out of the box. But y’know, fuck it, you only live once right?


Oh man. He looks great. For a bootleg toy, Feddy is surprisingly well-made. He doesn’t seem to be based on any Freddy toy in particular. which seems to indicate that he was an original sculpt. Whether or not that’s the case, it’s clear that some work went into this thing.

His forearms are actually sculpted all the way up to the elbow, which is surprising; even licensed toys of this type often just stick with generic parts for the body. Granted, Feddy’s still got some killer abs, but hey, don’t look a gift horse in the shirt. Also, though the claw’s a bit nubby, it’s actually a fairly good match for the one on the box art.

Face sculpt is damn good, too. He undeniably looks like Robert Englund, arguably more than a lot of licensed toys do. Perhaps not having to buy likeness rights had something to do with that. If there’s one downside it’s that his hat is made of thin, brittle plastic… you know the kind. The kind that cracks if you so much as breathe on it too hard.


Nonetheless, I love my Nightmare Feddy. He’s just do downright charming and well worth every cent I paid for him.

Happy Halloween, guys. Gonna have this year’s Halloween Horror Nights review done in a week or so.


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