Papa Cherry’s Pie in a Jar

Over the weekend, I made a discovery.


I found this little beauty at a 4th of July event in the baffling labyrinth known as Deerfield Beach. This, if you can’t tell, is an apple pie. More to the point, it is an apple pie in a mason jar. Further to the point, I knew that I needed to have it.

You may be asking yourselves: what deranged alchemists could have birthed such a thing? Well, it’s all thanks to a small company called Papa Cherry. They specialize in pies. In jars.

Pie in a jar, if you will.


Admittedly, it doesn’t look all that appetizing from the outside. But any concerns you may have are quelled once you open it up and take a gander at that crust. Yep, that’s a pie all right.

Any lingering doubts you may have are smashed once you have a taste. I’ve got to say, if that’s not the best apple pie I’ve ever had, it’s at least in the top three. I can undoubtedly say that it’s the best pie I’ve eaten out of a mason jar, if nothing else.


The jar is split about 50/50 between crust and filling. Now, some of you may be disappointed that there isn’t more filling, but trust me when I say that ain’t a problem. The crust was damn good, perfectly soft and sweet with a distinct vanilla taste. Honestly, I’d probably eat a jar of that alone.

Possibly several.

And the filling was nothing to sneeze at either. Put ’em together and you’ve got a grade-A apple pie. In a jar.

So I’mma stop here before this becomes a food blog, but suffice to say you should head on over to the Papa Cherry web site and get yourself a few pies.

And then eat them.

Eat them all. 

Just shove them in your mouth. Don’t you even think about sharing. Dump them all on the ground and eat them off the ground like the animal you are. Have no shame. Toss your dignity to the wind. Just eat pie off the floor.

k bye


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Is he a dinosaur? Or a pirate. Neither. BOTH.
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