The Cowfish Part 2


Sorry for the downtime, folks! Things have been a bit busy.

Last time, I talked about the Cowfish, a rad burger/sushi fusion restaurant at the Universal Studios Orlando CityWalk. Last month I went back for round 2, so let’s have a look!


First of all, I got meself one of their bento boxes. We’ve got edamame, thai cucumber, a small slider, sweet potato fries, and a california roll (minus the avocado, because fuck avocado). Though I wish it were a bit more inventive, everything was delicious. The thai cucumber in particular was great; sweet, lemony and slightly spicy. And, despite its small size, the slider was quite good as well.


Since the bento box wasn’t nearly as unhealthy as the Bar-B-Q-Shi I had last time, I decided to get a milkshake as well. In particular, I got the Crispy Marshmallow shake, and holy shit. Basically a vanilla shake with marshmallow cream and rice crispies in the shake itself, this thing kicked ass.

So the Cowfish continues to be great. If there’s one negative thing to say about it, it’s that the service is weirdly slow. But the food makes up for it, I’d say.


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