NECA NES Batman Figure

Back in 2013, toy company NECA took everyone by surprise by making a Comic-Con exclusive Jason Voorhees figure… based on the notorious LJN NES game.

The NES Jason proved to be a surprising success, spurring NECA to make other video game-based figures… including an NES Freddy and a Robocop vs Terminator wave (both games I have covered before).

And then… this.



Based on the surprisingly-good Batman NES game (bassed on the Tim Burton film, of course), this thing is a sight to behold. Batman’s color palette in that game was… interesting, to say the least, but somehow in action figure form it looks pretty badass. Kind of wish the Nolan films had used it.


The box mimics the box art of the game, complete with added scrapes and grime. As anyone who’s tried to keep an old video game box in good shape would know, those things were all but impossible to maintain.


Batman’s pretty poseable (more so than in the movie, anyway) and comes with multiple hands, as well as a grappling hook and a batarang. Only real issue is his cowl, which, being one piece, looks odd when you move his head too much. Thankfully, the cape is fabric… rubber or pleather capes are a nightmare.


As I said, I’m actually pretty fond of the colors. Makes him look more like a piece of pop art than an action figure, and I’d really like to see him under a blacklight.


NECA figures can be pretty pricey, hovering around the $20-30 range, if not a bit more. But the quality more than makes up for it, blending poseability and detail in a way few companies do. I recommend getting one for yourself, if you’re into that sort of thing. If you’re not, you should probably be into better things.



Fingers crossed for an Atari Leatherface with blue chainsaw-dick.



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