Dinosaur Pirate’s 2014 Halloween Mood Table!


So, I’ve decided to do a Halloween Mood Table this year. What’s a Halloween Mood Table, you ask? Well, it’s a tradition started by Matt over at Dinosaur Dracula (no relation)… basically, you take a table, chair, shelf, whatever, and deck it out with as much Halloweeny shit as you can manage. It doesn’t matter what, or how good it looks… all that matters is that it fills you with the Halloween spirit. So let’s take a closer look at what I’ve cooked up:

DSC07844Firstly, a Ghoul-Aid Jammers box filled with Reese’s Pumpkins and a Slimer. Because you really can’t get much more Halloweeny than that. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are, to many, the Holy Grail of Halloween candy… and the pumpkin-shaped variety just might be the best of the bunch. Slimer agrees. Granted, he’s not in the best of shape, but you can’t argue with a face like that.

DSC07845 DSC07847Secondly, toys. I’ve got a pretty big assortment of spooky toys lying around, so it was difficult to decide which ones would make the mood table; ultimately, I ended up with a fairly wide variety. There’s a number of Real Ghostbusters toys in the mix, as well as the Tree Warrior from my last post. There’s also a Frankenstein, because of course there’s a fucking Frankenstein.

DSC07848Near Frankie is a Headless Butler Trophy. I will leave it to your imaginations as to why I have it.

DSC07849Tucked away in the corner is my box of Fright Flicks trading cards. This is starting to become a Dinosaur Pirate’s greatest hits thing.

DSC07850Lastly, an assortment of things… a Nightmare on Elm Street lightbox, with a Freddy glove resting on top. The lightbox, of course, lights up, and also makes noise. Down at the bottom are two DVDs: Boogeymen, a sort of compilation of Horror Movie scenes, and a bootleg DVD of RawHeadRex, because yes. And is that…. why yes, it’s another Frankenstein up top, along with a Wolfman.

DSC07842I must say, I can already feel the Halloween spirit bursting out of me in ropey streams. If you’ve got a spot to spare, I highly recommend putting together a Mood Table of your own… if nothing else, it’ll give you something to do when WAITING FOR YOUR CAT TO COME BACK AFTER SHE GETS OUT

10687386_10202343193335706_3874779344864693858_oDon’t look at me like that. You know what you did.


About Dinosaur Pirate

Is he a dinosaur? Or a pirate. Neither. BOTH.
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2 Responses to Dinosaur Pirate’s 2014 Halloween Mood Table!

  1. Mason says:

    Aw yes, the Halloween Mood Table! I whipped up a kiddie Halloween Mood Table for my little girl last year.

    I like your True Legends Tree Beast! I have been thinking of getting one.

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