True Legends Tree Warrior

As of late, I’ve built up an appreciation for the True Heroes toy line.

615Kf-Dbk4L._SL1500_If you’re unfamiliar with them, True Heroes is essentially this line of cheap, generic action figures, mainly of Police, army men, and firemen. It’s not too different from what you might find at your local Walgreens, yet there’s tons of these things. And of course, compared to, say, G.I. Joe, they’re kind of shitty. But it’s not so much the figures that stand out, it’s the larger items… vehicles and the like.

pTRU1-18559404enh-z6True Heroes offers some fantastic and large vehicles, and all at an affordable price. That beast up there only runs $49.99 at my local Toys R Us… a G.I. Joe equivalent could easily cost twice that. And there’s a lot of different vehicles to choose from, too… but I’m not here to talk about those.

IMG_0271There’s an offshoot line called True Legends… basically the same thing, but with a fantasy theme instead. Of course, this means there’s quite a few large monsters in the line… and when I saw this thing, I knew I had to go home with it. This is the Tree Warrior, and he is a tree who is also a warrior; you may also notice that he wields a smaller tree as a weapon, because fuck you.

IMG_0272Tree Warrior calls to mind the old Inhumanoids toyline, also known for its big badass monster figures. As intimidating as he is, the Tree Warrior is actually on the side of the Elves, making him one of the good guys. Really, that just makes him so much better. The orc equivalent is a four-armed troll… still awesome in its own right, but not a TREE MONSTER THAT HITS YOU WITH ANOTHER TREE.

IMG_0280His mouth opens to trap enemies inside again calling to mind Inhumanoids. The mouth’s fairly big too, so you could probably fit quite a few figures in there.

IMG_0278There is one downside to the figure, though… the back looks like shit. Not too surprising for a cheaper product, but what’s baffling to me is how part of the back is textured like the front.

IMG_0279That aside, this thing’s awesome. He’s a bit cheaply made, sure, but when you’re getting a big-ass tree monster for $14.99, you really can’t complain too much.


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