Battle Arena Toshinden (Game Boy)

Back in the early days of the Playstation, before Soul Blade was even a speck in the distance, there was a little game called Battle Arena Toshinden. Though it’s all but forgotten now, Toshinden was a big hit at the time, and paved the way for later 3D fighters such as Tekken and the Soul series.

261988-battle-arena-toshinden-dos-screenshot-bout-one-fight-sThe series spawned numerous sequels and ports, to platforms such as PC, Sega Saturn, and… Game Boy???

VisualBoy 2014-06-22 22-34-51-784Yes, a 3D fighter on the Playstation received a Game Boy version, of all things. Though fighting games on the Game Boy weren’t unheard of, they were certainly uncommon, and as you could imagine were highly scaled down from their original versions. Let’s see how Toshinden fares.

VisualBoy 2014-06-22 22-35-21-076You’re given three modes: 1P Game (arcade mode), VS. CPU, and VS. HUMAN. As you can see, you could play against a friend using a link cable. Good luck finding someone else with the game, though. You have eight characters to choose from, each having their own vague story.

VisualBoy 2014-06-22 22-36-00-681And there’s the game. It doesn’t look too bad, honestly. The characters have a more chibi-like design, and the game plays more like a 2D fighter, understandably. You’ve got two attack buttons; tapping them quickly will do a weak attack, and pressing down hard will do a special. Characters have unique special moves too, and overall it’s got what you would expect from a fighting game.

VisualBoy 2014-06-22 22-55-07-713 VisualBoy 2014-06-22 22-55-12-492Also, given the game’s 3D fighter roots, you can ring out your opponent, resulting in an instant KO. Not something you see in a 2D fighter too often.

VisualBoy 2014-06-22 22-47-30-737 VisualBoy 2014-06-22 22-54-30-160As you can imagine, the arcade mode consists of fighting all 8 characters, followed by a boss. There’s four different bosses, and they’re significantly tougher than the other characters.

VisualBoy 2014-06-22 23-11-13-245 VisualBoy 2014-06-22 23-11-48-961
You can also unlock the bosses by entering a code, and yes, they’re bullshit. Of course, this means you should ALWAYS use them in 2 player mode, just to be an asshole.

Overall, Battle Arena Toshinden is a fairly decent Game Boy fighting game. There’s nothing particularly special about it, but it’s functional, and was a fun enough way to pass the time back in the day. If anything, I’d say it actually holds up better than the Playstation games, but hey, that’s just my opinion.

Though the PC version DID have Earthworm Jim in it.



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