MELTY BLOOD Actress Again Current Code

Man, that’s a hell of a title.

MBAA12 MK2 2014-04-24 12-47-22-036Melty Blood is a fighting game based on the popular Tsukihime visual novel. It was originally released for the PC in 2002, but received numerous updates and enhancements all the way up to 2011, as well as arcade and PS2 ports. Eventually the PS2 version was ported back to PC, and we ended up with MELTY BLOOD Actress Again Current Code. Jesus.

MBAA12 MK2 2014-04-24 12-47-30-099 MBAA12 MK2 2014-04-24 12-48-07-211Melty Blood is a 2D anime-styled fighter not unlike King of Fighters or Guilty Gear. If you’ve played these before, you know what to expect… fast-paced, combo-heavy combat and lots of flashy special moves. However, there’s some variety… Melty Blood features a system known as “Moons”, which varies gameplay considerably. When picking a character, you can choose between Crescent, Half, and Full Moon, each of which offering a different playstyle and even some unique moves. This effectively triples the already sizable roster. I mainly stick with Crescent Moon because it’s the classic Melty Blood gameplay, but to each their own.

MBAA12 MK2 2014-04-24 12-56-48-548 MBAA12 MK2 2014-04-24 12-57-02-879The gameplay has a lot of depth to it, but it’s still easy enough to pick up and play. It’s a three-button fighter, with a fourth button serving as a sort of parry called EX Shield. If your special meter is at at least 100%, using a heavy special attack will result in a super. Most specials are done with simple quarter-circle-forward + attack command, so they’re pretty easy to grasp.

MBAA12 MK2 2014-04-24 12-48-56-646 MBAA12 MK2 2014-04-24 12-50-08-023Also, if your special meter is at least 100%, you can enter HEAT mode, which allows you to perform a powerful super attack called an Arc Drive. If you get your meter up to 300%, you can enter BLOOD HEAT mode and do an even more powerful Arc Drive. Also, EX Shielding while in BLOOD HEAT activates a powerful counter-attack called a Last-Arc.

MBAA12 MK2 2014-04-24 12-56-14-450 MBAA12 MK2 2014-04-24 12-50-54-148Despite some issues with screen tearing, the game runs and looks great. The sprites are detailed and well-animated, and the backgrounds are pretty nice too.

MBAA12 MK2 2014-04-24 12-59-38-279 MBAA12 MK2 2014-04-24 13-04-18-949And of course, special moves are flashy and badass, as they should be. Overall, as far as 2D fighters go, Melty Blood is a classic and is still highly popular to this day. However, there is one issue…

MBAA12 MK2 2014-04-24 12-58-33-380To date, no version of Melty Blood has ever made it to the US. It’s unclear exactly why… there’s certainly an interest, as the game was featured at EVO 2010. Of course, Tsukihime itself was never released in the US either, but the anime and manga were, so the series is far from unknown over here. At any rate, it doesn’t seem like we’ll ever get Melty Blood in the states, but hey, don’t let that stop you. Fans have already released english patches for the original, plus Melty Blood Act Cadenza and ReACT, and there’s a partial translation available for Actress Again Current Code as well. As for getting the game itself… well, I’ll leave that part to you guys.


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