VR Troopers (Sega Genesis)

In the early 90’s, Saban Entertainment struck gold with Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, an english-language adaption of Japan’s popular Super Sentai franchise. They made multiple attempts to recreate that success with other Japanese superhero shows such as B-Fighter (adapted into Big Bad Beetleborgs) and Masked Rider (adapted from Kamen Rider).

One such attempt was VR Troopers.

vrtxt8VR Troopers was adapted from Japan’s Metal Heroes series. Like all other attempts to recreate Power Rangers’ success, it failed and was quickly forgotten.Somewhat incorrectly labeling it as a Power Rangers ripoff, I avoided it as a kid. However, to my surprise, there was actually a video game made for the Sega Genesis! I figured “what the hell” and decided to rent it.

Not the best idea.

Fusion 2014-03-26 16-08-09-911Of course, VR Troopers was about three teens who enter a virtual world and fight monsters. So you’d expect this to be a beat-em-up or something, but nope.

Fusion 2014-03-26 16-09-52-247 Fusion 2014-03-26 16-10-01-570Much like the Genesis and Game Gear versions of Power Rangers, VR Troopers is a fighting game… and a very simplistic one at that. In the game’s “story” mode, you can only play as the three VR Troopers, and progress through the game via one-on-one fights with monsters. The only “story” comes via the Trooper’s creepy mentor before each fight, and all he does is warn you of the monster’s attacks. Riveting.

Fusion 2014-03-26 16-10-25-968Gameplay-wise… it sucks. There’s really only two attack buttons, and special moves are insanely easy to pull off and are spammable. Hell, if you’re playing on Easy mode, you don’t even need to put in a command… the X, Y, and Z buttons perform special attacks. Even without that, most attacks are done by pressing either forward or backward along with the punch button.

Fusion 2014-03-26 16-11-58-906 Fusion 2014-03-26 16-15-12-374In between each monster fight, a terrifying dog talks to you and you have to fight some minions. There’s only ever two on screen at the same time, and they like to get on either side of you and trap you. It’s irritating, and you can’t use your special attacks in these segments.

Fusion 2014-03-26 16-14-14-305You do get to pick your Trooper before each monster fight, so that’s nice at least… but the game itself is so boring and repetitive that it doesn’t make much difference. Plus, they all play fairly similarly outside of special attacks, so there’s really little point.

Fusion 2014-03-26 16-22-59-919 Fusion 2014-03-26 16-25-24-852In the other modes you can play as the monsters too, but other than that, there’s really nothing more to the game. The Genesis version of Power Rangers was also a simplistic fighting game, but at least it’s fun to play… this just sucks.

Fusion 2014-03-26 16-18-42-905Also this guy is HORRIFYING. He looks like Viscera.



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