Meet Flufflepuff

I love cats.

149545_3967417958379_1920560341_nWhen I moved into my own place last year, I knew I wanted to adopt a cat. As luck would have it, shortly after moving in I met this little sweetheart, and after several months of feeding her, she learned to trust me.

1393700_10200450421337589_1320075376_n“Flufflepuff” was intended to be a placeholder name until I could determine her gender, but the name stuck. Though at first she was a bit standoffish, she’s since become the friendliest cat I’ve ever met… towards me, at least.

1422629_10200511709149746_894641449_nShe loves to snuggle and be pet, and sleeps in my bed with me every night. She’s still afraid of other people, but hopefully that will change with time. She also sometimes leaves her tongue sticking out a little, which just might be the most adorable thing ever.

1450328_10200562789266717_1196027264_nThere’s still a lot of things I don’t know about her… her age, whether or not she had a previous owner, ETC. All I know is she’s a damn good cat, and I’m glad I found her.



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