Volgarr the Viking

Volgarr 2013-11-11 15-54-16-90Volgarr the Viking is an indie game made by Crazy Viking Studios, released this year. Continuing the tradition of insanely difficult indie games, Volgarr is presented in a retro 16-bit style and will kick your ass.

Volgarr 2013-11-11 14-13-16-08You play as Volgarr, who, shockingly enough, happens to be a viking. Volgarr died defending his homeland from monsters, but has been restored to life by Odin to defeat the poisonous dragon Fafnir.

Volgarr 2013-11-11 14-18-15-46The game is an action-platformer, and quite a good one at that. The controls feel good and there’s no stiffness, and you’ll get the hang of things really quickly. Not that it makes the game any easier, mind you.

Volgarr 2013-11-11 14-16-56-96Of course, much of the game revolves around combat. Volgarr has a sword and a seemingly endless amount of spears, which can be thrown.

Volgarr 2013-11-11 14-21-35-30In addition to being an attack, the spears stick to walls to be used as platforms, making them necessary to complete the game.

Volgarr 2013-11-11 14-13-45-60You can also find armor and other items along the way, which is crucial. Volgarr dies very easily, and you need all the protection you can get. If you die, you start back at the beginning of the area, so you’d better watch out.

Volgarr 2013-11-11 14-50-10-43There are few things more frustrating than making it near the end of the stage only to slip up, die, and start back from the beginning again. However, as you play the stage again and again, you start to get used to the layout and get a little better each time, and you always feel that the goal isn’t too far from your reach.

Volgarr 2013-11-11 14-20-12-46The graphics and sound are superb, giving the feel of a classic Sega Genesis game while also feeling fresh and new. The game reminds me a bit of Chakan, though it’s not nearly that unforgiving.

Volgarr 2013-11-11 15-19-14-06The game is a bit like Dark Souls in that you can’t get too comfortable: every enemy and obstacle should be treated as a threat.

Volgarr 2013-11-11 15-52-22-54Overall the game is pretty great. It’s incredibly difficult, but it’s just fair enough to keep you playing, and you keep getting better as you go on. For fans of difficult games, this one’s a must-play. Good luck.


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