Ghostbusters II Holiday Action Figure Pack

For a long time, the Real Ghostbusters toyline were the only Ghostbusters toys out there, excluding the Extreme Ghostbusters toys. While great, we nonetheless hoped we would someday get proper toys based on the movies. While in 2004 NECA started releasing toys based on the first movie, rights issues kept us from getting any of the Ghostbusters themselves. It wasn’t until 2009 that Mattel obtained the rights to make Ghostbusters figures, and damn did they do a great job.

IMG_1873In 2010, Mattel released this gorgeous set just in time for the holidays. Not only did it include all four Ghostbusters in their GBII duds, but also included a translucent Slimer.

IMG_1877The packaging is great. The back features info on the ‘Busters, and giving the feel of documents on a cluttered desk. It even has the painting from the end of the movie on there!

IMG_1884The figures themselves are great, painstakingly detailed and fantastically well-articulated. While the other ‘Busters keep their uniforms tucked properly into their boots, the laid-back Venkman just leaves his untucked, just like in the movies.

IMG_1888The actor likenesses are spot-on, and if you ever felt like making your own What About Bob figures, this would be a fine starting point.

IMG_1881Slimer is great too, molded in translucent green plastic to give him a proper ghostly effect. Though understandably less articulated than the others, his arms are quite poseable.

IMG_1890The Proton Pack and Particle Thrower look just like they did in the movie, far from the unpainted plastic boxes the Real Ghostbusters toys had.

IMG_1902The ‘Busters come with Santa hats, referencing the montage scene from the movie. However, they’re made of fabric, and quite frankly look a bit silly. It’s tricky getting them to stay on the figures’ heads, and they don’t mesh well with the figures at all. It would have been better if they were made with molded plastic, but I guess you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

IMG_1910 IMG_1911Lastly, I want to mention the Ghost Trap. There’s only one included, belonging to Egon (though I guess you could give it to whoever you choose). Like everything else, the detail is great, and it’s even attached to a little foot pedal. The doors even open!

All in all, it was a great little set, perfect for collectors. At the time, it cost about $50, which was just right. Of course, now it’s much harder to come by. If you’re a huge Ghostbusters fan, you might want to track one down.




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