Enigma Haunt

In addition to Festival of Souls, there’s another haunt that opened in South Florida last year…

Logo - originalNow, this isn’t really going to be a review, as I happen to work here and reviewing it would be quite biased. But trust me when I say that Enigma Haunt is fantastic, and very much worth your time.

154250_376139325799488_175543701_nEnigma Haunt is run by the Groeneveld family. Originally, they would do a home haunt each Halloween, but it got to the point they were literally outgrowing their own home. So last year, they decided to finally go professional with it and open their own haunt in Boca Raton.

sfl-boca-raton-halloween-house-photos-20121025-015I’ve always had a love for haunted houses… heck, one of my goals is to open my own someday. I had wanted to work in one for a while, but most were too far away. So when I heard that there was a haunt opening like ten minutes away from me, I got in contact immediately. Originally, I was looking to do makeup, but ended up as an actor instead. Perhaps for the best, as there’s few things in life as fun as terrifying people. I played Otto the clown, and actually won the award for most dedicated actor.

1236909_510249015721851_525679121_nThis year, Enigma Haunt is back and better than ever, with entirely new scenes, scares, and even more detail than last year. Our actors are some of the most dedicated and intense you’ll find anywhere. We all put a lot of effort into bringing our characters to life, coming up with names and elaborate backstories for even the most basic of spooks.

IMG_0143You won’t find any Freddies or Jasons here… Enigma Haunt’s characters are all original. From the mutated family of Jim the Butcher and his brother Jedidiah, to the crazed inmates of a condemned mental asylum, Enigma Haunt is full of things to scare the hell out of you.

IMG_0120Enigma Haunt is located in Boca Raton, FL and is open Thursdays through Sundays until November 2. We’ve already been featured in the news, and so far we’ve been doing great. Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, and Enigma Haunt is quickly gaining a reputation as the place to be this Halloween season. So come join us… we’re waiting to scare you!



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