Blood Warrior

You are not ready for this.

0000What we’ve got here is pretty much Japan’s answer to Mortal Kombat. Now, MK had no shortage of imitators following its success, but this one… hoo boy. Buckle up.

0001Like Mortal Kombat, Blood Warriors uses digitized actors in place of drawn sprites. The playable characters mainly consist of ninja and samurai, as well as a few monsters from japanese folklore, such as Sanpei the kappa. Of course, Sanpei is portrayed by a man in a ridiculous suit.

0002Somehow, it’s even worse up close.

0005So, the gameplay is decent enough. It’s your standard fighting game, with combos and special moves. Overall the gameplay is a bit faster than MK, and a bit easier to pick up and play.


Of course, hitting your opponent results in a copious spray of blood. Also, Sanpei can swim through the air apparently.

This game is magical.

0016And, yes, just like in Mortal Kombat, there are finishing moves. However, they’re a lot easier to pull off…. just hit a button.

0017 0019The simplicity of the fatalities kind of takes away the satisfaction of performing them. In Mortal Kombat, fatalities were a bit of a secret at first… if you knew how to do some, you were automatically the coolest kid in the school. Here, though, not so much. Then again, this is Blood Warrior, so I can’t really make myself give a shit.

0021Also, there’s this Buddhist thing called Ikkyu which is absolutely terrifying. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

0025 0027Things get pretty wacky. It seems to be a rule that every samurai-themed fighting game has at least one Kabuki guy in there, and this one has rainbow lightning. So there’s that.

00300031Sadly, for all it’s weirdness, there’s not much else to say about it. It’s a fairly standard Mortal Kombat clone, albeit an amusing one. It doesn’t really bring much new to the table. The fatalities are really easy to pull off, and there’s not much variety between them either. Still, it’s far from a bad game. At least it gave us this:




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