Universal Monsters Retro Series toys

IMG_1845Last year, Diamond Select toys quietly started producing these little beauties… oldschool, Mego-styled action figures of the classic Universal Monsters. Being a huge horror movie fan, I of course had to get my hands on them.

IMG_1818If you’ve been keeping track, it shouldn’t surprise you that Frankenstein’s monster was one of the first ones I picked up. Ol’ Franky is a pretty great figure. The clothes are made of fabric and don’t feel cheap. There’s even a little button holding his jacket closed!

IMG_1819Though I do have the say that it’s not a particularly good likeness of Boris Karloff. You can definitely make out some of his features, but overall it looks more like a generic Frankenstein. He’s definitely lacking Karloff’s distinctive nose.

IMG_1820Next up is the mummy. This particular mummy seems to be Boris Karloff’s Imhotep, rather than Lon Chaney Jr.’s Kharis.

IMG_1823 IMG_1826The detail is fantastic. Imhotep’s skin is wonderfully wrinkled and cracked, and he’s even wearing the ring! The face bears a great likeness of Karloff. My only complaint would have to be how clean and white the wrappings are.

IMG_1829Dracula, while still a damn cool figure, isn’t quite the best of the bunch. The main issue is his hands… they’re the generic Mego hands, and don’t match the skin tone of his face. While it’s  minor thing to complain about, none of the other monsters have this problem… they all have unique, specially sculpted hands.

IMG_1830Also, he doesn’t really look like Bela Lugosi. That’s forgivable, however… I think there might be rights issues with Lugosi’s likeness. He does, however, have pretty derpy eyes, so there’s that.

IMG_1833Last but definitely not least is the Wolfman. Man, is this one great. From his tattered clothing to his grasping claws everything about him screams WOLFMAN.

IMG_1835Again, there’s tons of detail here. His furry claws are textured fantastically.

IMG_1836While the face only bears a passing likeness to Lon Chaney Jr., I’d still have to say that the Wolfman is the best figure of the bunch. The detail on him is outstanding, and overall he’s a damn cool toy.

There’s been two others released that I don’t have yet: The Bride of Frankenstein, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Hopefully I get my hands on them soon, and hopefully Diamond Select keeps making these. I’d personally love to see an Invisible Man and Phantom of the Opera.

In the meantime, here’s a tag-team of Duke Nukem and Mumm-Ra.



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2 Responses to Universal Monsters Retro Series toys

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  2. Jua says:

    This frankenstein is meant to be Glenn Strange

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