X-Men: Next Dimension


Dolphin 2013-05-22 19-52-16-93X-Men: Next Dimension is a fighting game made by Activision. Now, Activision’s a pretty inconsistent company… some games are great, others are terrible. This one falls somewhere in the middle, I think.

Dolphin 2013-05-22 20-00-25-78 Dolphin 2013-05-22 20-00-58-72Essentially, it’s similar to Dead or Alive. It has Forge in it, because apparently everybody loves Forge. (Nobody loves Forge)

Dolphin 2013-05-22 20-05-47-90Fortunately, there’s a huge selection of characters to beat up Forge with, and eight alternate outfits for each… even the Blob is playable.

Dolphin 2013-05-22 20-07-11-83As I mentioned, the game is similar to Dead or Alive, and takes place on a 3D plane. There’s four attack buttons, plus a throw button, and all are pretty responsive.

Dolphin 2013-05-22 20-20-35-57Each character plays differently, and has all their unique powers. Of course, some characters, like Beast or Wolverine, lack projectiles and need to get in close. Others, like Cyclops and Forge, can shoot you from afar.

Dolphin 2013-05-22 20-16-54-16

Look at those bosoms.

Much like in Dead or Alive or even Injustice: Gods Among Us, there are stage transitions where you can knock an opponent to another part of the stage. Granted, it’s nowhere near as cool as in Injustice, but it’s serviceable.

Dolphin 2013-05-22 20-26-21-18Most of the characters thankfully have their classic costumes as alternates, however the game doesn’t tell you which are which so it’s mostly trial and error.

Dolphin 2013-05-22 20-31-21-33 Dolphin 2013-05-22 20-32-51-93There’s also a pretty nifty Team Mode, in which teams of up to 8 characters can face off elimination-style.

Dolphin 2013-05-22 20-16-01-99That said, the game’s pretty forgettable. It lacks the polish and depth seen in today’s fighters, and despite an extensive amount of content it can get old quick. Still, it’s really not a bad game. It’s fun for a while, and X-Men fans should get a kick out if it, if for no other reason than the Blob’s jiggly breasts.


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