The Lost World’s Bull T-Rex


Jurassic Park. One of the the most beloved and iconic movies of the 90’s. With its revolutionary special effects, engaging characters, and epic musical score composed by none other than the legendary John Williams, the movie was a huge hit and is still considered to be a must-see film to this day. So naturally, such a successful film needed a great toy line to go along with it. And who better than Kenner?


I’ve already discussed Kenner in my Real Ghostbusters Top 10, so you hopefully already know by now how fantastic they were. And their Jurassic Park series was no exception… with loads of humans and dinos to choose from, these were toys that kids everywhere wanted to get their hands on. They introduced the classic “Dino Damage” feature… chunks of flesh that could be ripped off, exposing the muscle and bone underneath. Gruesome, but awesome.

The success of the first movie led to a tepid sequel, The Lost World, which got a toy line too.


Despite the shittiness of the movie, the toy line was fantastic; Kenner was at the top of their game at this point, and it showed. The dinos were considerably more articulated this time around, and more detailed too. And arguably the best of the new toys was the Bull T-Rex.


Oh, yeah. First of all, this thing was huge… towering above both human and dino alike. But that’s not what made this toy so notable. In addition to making T-Rex sound effects when you pressed his back, he had another action feature…


For the purposes of demonstration, let’s use Jeff Goldblum. Sorry, Jeff. I loved you in The Fly!


Mr. Goldblum isn’t really paying much attention to his surroundings, as you can see. Perhaps he’s contemplating his next role.


Oh well. Let’s face it… he probably deserved it, after Independence Day.


Luckily, a slit in the T-Rex’s belly allows Jeff to be retrieved unharmed. Hurray! Now he can go on to make more wonderful career decisions, like Cats & Dogs.

So that’s the Bull T-Rex! It’s funny how such a simple action feature makes for such a memorable toy. In my childhood, the T-Rex reigned supreme, devouring hero and villain alike. Everyone from Batman to Darth Vader fell victim, and it took no less than the combined efforts of the Megazord and Stretch Armstrong to put an end to his reign of terror.

However, I also find it necessary to point out the toy’s major flaw: the battery pack placement.


Yeah, good luck getting to that fucking thing. Even with small child’s hands, it would be difficult.

Still, the toy was fantastic, and iconic of the toy line as a whole. It even came back for the 2009 toy line! But…



…the less said about that one, the better.


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3 Responses to The Lost World’s Bull T-Rex

  1. Adam Brannon says:

    Brilliant article and fantastic pictures. I remember getting one of these for Christmas back in the day, but it was faulty – they had sold out when it was returned so I never actually got to play with it.

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