Game & Watch Gallery 2

About a year after the release of the first Game & Watch Gallery, Nintendo released the sequel, Game & Watch Gallery 2. It featured 5 games as opposed to 4, and overall was a much better compilation. I used to play this game quite a bit as a kid, so let’s take a look at what set it apart from the original!

Game & Watch Gallery 2_05 Game & Watch Gallery 2_09

The 5 games to choose from are Parachute, Helmet, Chef, Vermin, and Donkey Kong. Like the original, you can choose between the modern and classic modes. So let’s go down the list.

Game & Watch Gallery 2_10 Game & Watch Gallery 2_23 Game & Watch Gallery 2_36

In Parachute, you move back and forth across shark-infested waters, catching parachuting men dropping out of a plane. As per usual with Game & Watch games, it starts easy, but then they start dropping faster and more frequently. Still, it’s one of the simplest games in the series… easy to pick up and play, which suits the series well.

Game & Watch Gallery 2_37 Game & Watch Gallery 2_45 Game & Watch Gallery 2_52
Careful though… let someone fall in the water, and a shark gets ’em.

 Game & Watch Gallery 2_59 Game & Watch Gallery 2_69

Play the modern version, and you’ll immediately notice differences in the gameplay. For one thing, the plane (or airship, in this case) moves around, as opposed to remaining stationary. The characters dropping out don’t move back and forth quite as much, and generally just go straight down after deploying their parachutes. However, the different characters fall differently… DK Jr., for example, drops quickly, and pops his ‘chute shortly before reaching the water. So you need to stay on your toes. Also, see that cannon? That’s the other new feature…

Game & Watch Gallery 2_77

Occasionally, a character will drift into the cannon, and get fired out. It doesn’t happen often, but you’d better watch out for it.

Game & Watch Gallery 2_78 Game & Watch Gallery 2_87

If a character falls into the water, a Lakitu will fish them out while Mario buries his head in his hands, overcome with grief. Clearly, he will be haunted by his failure for all time. A Toad will not be returning to his wife and child.

Game & Watch Gallery 2_105

Of course, things speed up as you go along. It gets difficult due to the aforementioned weight differences… sometimes a character just dropped will fall faster than one that’s already been dropped, so you need to keep an eye on things. Overall, it’s a solid game, and a neat update of the original.

Game & Watch Gallery 2_106 Game & Watch Gallery 2_123

Next is Helmet. You cross from one end of the screen to the other, dodging falling tools as you go. But there’s a catch… the door on the right side isn’t always open, so you sometimes need to move back and forth around the tools while you wait for it to open. Apparently, the construction crew is drunk as hell.

Game & Watch Gallery 2_145

Get hit and you collapse, likely suffering from a severe cracked skull and permanent brain damage.

Game & Watch Gallery 2_146 Game & Watch Gallery 2_162

The remake is similar. A paratroopa drops hammers and stuff on you, and you need to get from the left the the right, going through a door at the end. However, you need to step on a P switch along the way to open the door… doing this also causes coins to appear, which you can collect to get extra points.

Game & Watch Gallery 2_163

Sometimes the paratroopa will drop a spike ball, which falls a bit faster.

Game & Watch Gallery 2_171

Next is Chef. Basically, you juggle multiple pieces of food, trying to keep them from a hungry mouse on the ground. It’s easier said than done… despite its simplistic gameplay, this is one of the hardest games in the compilation.

Game & Watch Gallery 2_180

Occasionally, a creepy-looking cat will grab the sausage with a fork, keeping it out of play for a short time. This seems like it would be helpful, but stay on your toes… he’ll drop it eventually.

Game & Watch Gallery 2_192 Game & Watch Gallery 2_211

The remake, on the other hand, feels like an entirely different game.  You’re given a much larger area to move about, and you can flip sides too. This time, your goal is to cook the food thrown by Mario and Luigi… this is, of course, done by juggling it. When the food darkens, it’s done, and you can let it fall down for Yoshi to eat. Don’t juggle it for too long, though, or you’ll burn it!

Game & Watch Gallery 2_212

And make sure Yoshi’s underneath, or it will drop on the floor! This one is my favorite game in the compilation, and a perfect example of what the first one did wrong… it’s more than just an enhancement of the original game. It’s been completely reinvented, and is actually vastly superior in gameplay. They kept the basic focus of juggling food, but built an entirely new game around it. And it’s damn addictive, too. I played this one the most growing up, and playing it again, I can see why.

 Game & Watch Gallery 2_276 Game & Watch Gallery 2_277

Next is Vermin. Basically, it’s a ghetto whack-a-mole. You control a guy with two hammers, and move him between various holes in the ground… you just need to have a hammer above where a mole pops out, and it hits them automatically. That’s pretty much all there is to say about Vermin.

 Game & Watch Gallery 2_285Game & Watch Gallery 2_285

The remake is similar in gameplay, but there’s more areas to defend and a lot more enemies to watch out for. You need to protect your eggs from attacking Shy Guys and paratroopas, and they’re goddamn relentless.

 Game & Watch Gallery 2_302 Game & Watch Gallery 2_319

It’s a lot faster-paced than the original, and a bit more fun… though it’s still not as good as the other games.

 Game & Watch Gallery 2_335 Game & Watch Gallery 2_336

Next is Donkey Kong, and as you can imagine, it’s a bit of a step down from the arcade original. The gist of it is the same, though… climb to the top of the stage, avoiding barrels along the way. The original Game & Watch DK was a multi-screen game, which is represented here with a smaller window displaying the top half of the stage. Fortunately, you can switch between the two with a button press…

 Game & Watch Gallery 2_348 Game & Watch Gallery 2_349

When you reach the top screen, you need to flick a switch, which activates the crane.

Game & Watch Gallery 2_361

You then need to jump onto the crane, which is a bit easier said than done as it can take a few tries to get the timing right. You then remove one of DK’s supports, and start over.

Game & Watch Gallery 2_362 Game & Watch Gallery 2_375

Do this four times, and DK takes a tumble, brutally shattering his jaw against the scaffolding. Then the stage starts over. So, you’d expect the modern version of Donkey Kong to pretty much just be the arcade version… right?

Game & Watch Gallery 2_376

Wow. I wasn’t expecting this.

Game & Watch Gallery 2_392 Game & Watch Gallery 2_393

The Modern version of Donkey Kong is a completely different game! I mean, it’s similar… the switch is still there, though now it makes a moving platform instead of a crane. And again, you need to reach the top multiple times to make DK’s platform disappear. But it feels drastically different from the Donkey Kong we’re familiar with, let alone the fantastic Game Boy Donkey Kong. (Now there’s a game I’ll need to discuss further at some point.)

Game & Watch Gallery 2_408

After your first trip up, the barrels will start busting open to reveal koopas! You can avoid hazards by grabbing onto chains and handles on the ceiling, but be careful… stay there too long, and they’ll disappear.

Game & Watch Gallery 2_423

Reach the top enough times, and DK falls. Nothing makes Mario happier than monkey abuse, so he’s pretty thrilled about this.

Mario gets hard when he looks at this image

Mario gets hard when he looks at this image

Game & Watch Gallery 2_431

Much to my surprise, there’s actually multiple stages! They really put quite a bit of effort into this one. I’m not sure how long it goes on for, but you can tell they actually spent time making something different.

And that’s the key word with this game. DIFFERENT. Sure, the first game had variations between the modern and classic versions, but they still felt like the same outdated games. Here, the modern remakes really stand out from their predecessors, and make for quite a fun time. It might not be the kind of game you’d play all the time, but it still made for a fine addition to the Game Boy library. Of course, things didn’t stop here…



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